Implementation at your Fingertips

Welcome to DonorPerfect! Our Implementation Department is dedicated to ensuring you and your organization enjoy a seamless implementation experience. We’re here to set you up for success with your DonorPerfect system.

Your Implementation Coordinator…

An implementation coordinator helps set up DonorPerfect

Your Implementation Coordinator (IC) is your primary contact throughout your implementation and will guide you as you set up DonorPerfect. While you may work with other specialists along the way, you can always contact your IC with any questions or concerns.

Based on your purchase, your IC will:
  • Work with you to customize your data entry screens.
  • Provide suggestions/best practices for tracking your data.
  • Coordinate with the appropriate specialist(s) for any additional services you purchase.
  • Deliver your completed system along with any supporting documentation.
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Your IC will be with you every step of the way

Convert your data while you set up DonorPerfect

Data ServicesDonorPerfect Data Transfer Button

Our Data Services Team manages the migration of your data from its original source into DonorPerfect. This process ensures the future use of your data for successful analysis, reporting, and constituent management.

Your Data Services Specialist will:
  • Thoroughly review your data to determine the best way to transfer it into DonorPerfect.
  • Provide a completed pre-transfer mapping document for review and confirmation.
  • Perform a live data transfer and provide verifying statistical reports
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Set Up DonorPerfect Donation Processing

Payment ProcessingDonorPerfect Donation Processing Button

DonorPerfect offers fully integrated tools for processing payments. Your Payment Processing Specialist serves as your main point of contact during the application process for payment processing.

Your Payment Processing Specialist will:
  • Answer your questions regarding applications and bank regulations.
  • Create your gateway upon approval.
  • Integrate your gateway with DonorPerfect.
  • Provide ongoing support for your payment processing needs.
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Set Up DonorPerfect Weblink Online Donation Forms

Online Forms (Weblink)DonorPerfect Online Donation Forms Button

WebLink is a web-based system for collecting and managing data online. A WebLink Specialist partners with you to create your personalized form that collects the desired data, which can then be quickly downloaded into DonorPerfect.

Your WebLink Specialist
  • Creates a draft of your online form for your review.
  • Addresses any desired draft revisions.
  • Tests and verifies functionality of your form.
  • Ensures accurate integration of your form.
  • Demonstrates the integration of your online form with DonorPerfect.
  • Activates your WebLink form.
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DonorPerfect Training Options

TrainingDonorPerfect Training Button

Our Training Specialists are responsible for reviewing and understanding your DPO system and instructing you on the best practices and use of DonorPerfect.

Your Training Specialist will:
  • Provide various types of training tailored to your method of learning.
  • Provide assistance on how to utilize all of DonorPerfect’s integrated tools and features.
  • Help you reach peak efficiency in navigating and utilizing your DonorPerfect system.
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