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Automated Business Rules

Develop meaningful relationships with major donors through automatic alerts that prompt you to engage them the moment they give.
Save time and increase efficiency by automating reminders, emails, and other tasks.
The SmartActions module enables you to set up actions that your DonorPerfect system will carry out automatically when the specified trigger conditions are encountered.
Alert key staff to major gifts, events and more immediately.
For example, if a gift of $500 or more is entered into DonorPerfect (the trigger), an email notification can be sent to the Development Director and a call can be set up in DonorPerfect’s Contact Manager (the actions).
You can set up as many SmartActions as you like.
Create pop-up alerts and reminders, send emails, enter data into fields, launch websites – it’s all done automatically!
Apply triggers to the users you choose.
SmartActions can be triggered by the actions of any user in the system or they can be setup to apply to only one user.
Importing data? No problem!
The SmartActions module has an optional setting that will initiate the triggers after a successful import of data.

3 Essential SmartActions for Every Nonprofit

#1: Any donor that gives over a dollar amount you determine (for example, $5000) should be contacted by the Executive Director. SmartActions can alert you the moment you first open any record with a lifetime giving total greater than $5000.

#2: Whenever someone gives a donation (for example, $500+), SmartActions can notify the constituent’s gift officer and create a follow-up contact record.

#3: When a donor gives a gift three times greater than the average of the gifts they’ve given in the past, SmartActions can email the Development Director and Chairman of the Board with that donor’s gift amount, total giving, phone number, and email address.

Learn more about SmartActions

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