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Batch 2.0 – Advanced Batch Entry

Batch Entry 2.0 is an advanced batch entry system that offers more flexibility than Batch 1.0. It is intended to allow you to enter gifts and pledges in batches, so as to speed up data entry, reduce data entry errors, and provide a way of reviewing batches of gifts and pledges for accuracy before they are posted to the system.

Batch Entry 2.0 makes extensive use of templates to allow you to tailor your data entry screens for efficiency. In addition, Batch Entry 2.0 line items may contain split gifts, tributes, notifications, matching gifts, applications toward pledges, and soft credits.


  • Default Batch templates included
  • Templates allow you to store a number of settings related to a type of gift, split gift, soft credit or pledge.
  • Create as many batch templates as needed for quick and easy entry
  • Templates can be unique for each user
  • Batches can include split gifts, tributes, notifications, matching gifts, pledge payments, and soft credits
  • Edit Codes on the fly while entering batch records
  • Enable Executive oversight batch posting
  • Utilize the Batch Report to ensure batch validity before posting (associated screen shot)
  • Quickly view open and posted batches within a few clicks
Batch Header
Batch Detail Report
Entering a Batch


What is a batch?

A batch is a set of donations that are entered as a group. Usually, you can think of a batch as all of the donations that make up one bank deposit. Entering the donations in a batch helps to ensure the same amount of money is posted to DonorPerfect as you deposit in the bank.

Can I enter more than one batch before I post?

You can enter as many batches as you want before you post. Once the posting process is started, the system will validate each batch and only allow those batches that are valid to be posted.

What happens when I post a batch?

  • Each prospect that donated a gift in the batch is added to the donor file, and assigned a new permanent donor ID number
  • A gift or pledge entry is created for all prospects or donors in the batch.
  • The Solicitation summary file is updated
  • The GL summary file is updated
  • All associated financial totals are recalculated to reflect the gifts from the batch.

Get started using Batch Entry 2.0 in five easy steps:

  1. Configure User Security Settings for Batch Entry 2.0
  2. Create templates – These allow you to enter a good amount of default information with a single selection.
    1. For instance, you can create a gift template that allows you to enter all of the gifts associated with a solicitation, and it can automatically fill in the solicitation and GL codes for each gift, with no work or chance for error.
  3. Create the Batch
    1. Create batch header & select templates
    2. Enter individual batch entries
  4. Review Batch
  5. Post the batch to the System.