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Email Appending Service

This service helps improve the quantity and accuracy of your donor and prospect email addresses. You simply provide a backup of your DonorPerfect data, which is matched against a national database of current email addresses. Once the email list is produced, an email message, customized with your logo and text you approve, is sent to allow recipients to opt in for future emails from your organization. The results are appended to your DonorPerfect database, including new email addresses provided by the service, verified addresses previously in your database, and information regarding opt-outs.

Email Addresses For

  • Fundraising
  • Event Information
  • Action Alerts
  • Any other Donor Contact

Improve Donor Communications & Constituent Relationships

Commonly Asked Questions

How does this service work?

Your database records are checked against various databases. After a match is found, a permission letter is emailed with the option to opt out. After allowing five to seven business days for responses, the append-approved email addresses are added to your system, excluding undeliverable and opt-out emails. During this process, subscribers voluntarily disclose their personal information and have access to view a privacy policy stating that their information can be shared with third parties that have “customer relationships” with them.

Will my data be secure?

Absolutely. All data is kept strictly confidential.

Where do you get the email addresses?

The data is gathered from opt-in permission-based websites, online/offline survey data, and online/offline product registrations.

Please note: This service is for individual email addresses, and not business email addresses.

What if I already have a donor’s email address?

Existing email addresses will be “verified”, and new ones will be added. No exisiting email addresses will be removed or replaced.

How long will it take?

The entire process only takes one week, and you can continue to use your system while we do the processing.

Service Includes:

  • Creation of matching email address file.
  • Verification/opt-in process conducted to ensure accuracy and cut down on unwanted email being sent to your constituents.
  • Utility that appends email data to your database with minimal work on your part.
  • Reporting on processing results.