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Hosted File Storage

Managing documents, spreadsheets, photos, news clippings and other important materials related to donors, volunteers, gifts and grants can be a hassle. Particularly if you want to make sure they are available to everyone who needs them and also regardless of if you are in the office or on the road.

DonorPerfect Online’s new Hosted File Management Service makes it easy to solve these challenges cost effectively and without creating an extra IT burden.

How It Works: Once activated, Hosted File Management allows you to link virtually any type of file to a donor, gift, pledge or transactional record. The file is automatically uploaded and stored on our secure servers and therefore can be accessed by anyone, anywhere who has appropriate access rights to the data.

All files are automatically backed up each night and we even provide a handy tool to search for files across your database based on the donors name or id, type of file, when it was uploaded, or file size.

Cloud-based file management for nonprofits Hosted Non Profit File Storage

Features & Benefits

  • Upload and attach files to Constituent, Gift, Pledge, Contact, and other transactional records
  • Access uploaded files from anywhere
  • Share files without worrying about disk space
  • Store common file types including .DOC/.DOCX, .XLS/.XLSX, PDF, .ZIP, media files and more!
  • Reduce IT burden of creating and managing remote access to files
  • Automatic nightly backup of all hosted documents

Potential Uses

  • Spreadsheets related to a constituent, gift, or pledge
  • Copies of correspondence
  • Stock or in-kind gift valuation letters
  • Scanned pledge cards, news clippings, notes and business cards
  • Authorization forms and grant request documents
  • Planned giving proposals or legal documents
  • Photos from events
  • Articles written by or about the constituent