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How DonorPages Enhances Fundraising Success

  • People are more likely to give when asked by someone they know.
  • Most people are uncomfortable asking others for money, but are happy to share why they support a cause.
  • The easier you make it for a supporter to ask and for a donor to give, the greater your results.
  • A typical supporter will have dozens of email addresses readily available. Even a 5% response rate will allow you to multiply your donor pool.

Tap into the passion of your constituents by helping them reach out to their friends, families, and colleagues in support of your mission. With DonorPages, your supporters can easily create individualized web pages under your control, invite everyone they know to visit via email or social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Page visitors can learn about your mission and then donate online, or take other actions such as registering for an event, signing a petition, and more.

DonorPages Social Network Fundraising

DonorPages Supporter Features

  • Step-by-step setup tools make it easy for constituents to explain their affinity for your cause
  • Built-in tool automatically generates emails and links to invite others to visit their donor page
  • Personalizable “widgets” make it easy to provide compelling links that can be placed on other websites to encourage visits to their donor page
  • Tools to allow supporters to recruit others to join their teams and create their own donor pages
  • Post goals and progress via visually appealing graphics and/or text
  • Option to allow visitors to comment/voice support
  • Option to publish blog entries or messages
  • Publish and rejection tools allow your organization to control content and messaging
  • Reporting tools for supporters to evaluate fundraising results and donor page statistics for their individual or team progress