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SmartGive® Online Donations and Registrations

Send “Smart” URLs That Know Who Your Constituents Are!

SmartGive - Smart Online Donation Forms with DonorPerfect

Using DonorPerfect Online and SmartGive, you can make it much easier for constituents to contribute to your cause and keep your records up-to-date. A SmartGive URL takes donors to a secure online payment page that already knows who they are, and pre-fills their address, phone number, email and other information.

The form can be customized with your logo and offer multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards and e-check (ACH) payments, and all payment data is easily downloaded to your database.

Features & Benefits:

Easy Online Giving & Smart Donor Payment Processing

Send “smart” URLs via print and email to your donors that auto-fill your donation form!

  • A simple DonorPerfect mail merge generates donor-specific URLs for printed and emailed solicitations.
  • Pre-filled forms reduce typos and encourage information correction by donors and registrants, keeping your records correct and up-to-date.
  • Use any WebLink form in your system, except DonorPages form.
  • Send a printed SmartGive URL to collect missing or up-to-date email addresses. Or email to update postal addresses.
  • When a SmartGive URL is used, the form displays the latest up-to-date
    DonorPerfect data, even if the record was updated after sending the URL.
  • Secure data encryption protects donor data.
  • PCI-certified SafeSave Vault ID’s keep payment account data secure.