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Take the flexibility of DonorPerfect to the next level with DonorPerfect SmartScreens.

Only See the Data You Need!

SmartScreens enables you to choose which data you want to see – no need to sift through irrelevant information! By organizing your donor records with SmartScreens, you’ll reduce data clutter and increase efficiency.

SmartScreens is designed so you can dynamically change or hide different data entry fields based on the information you’d like to see. SmartScreens can also be used to alert staff of which steps to take next.

Using SmartScreens, you can modify the following donor input screens:

  • Main screen
  • Gift screen
  • Pledge screen
  • Bio screen
  • Contacts screen
  • Other Addresses screen

Here are examples of screens you can modify:

Check Gift

Check Gift: Donor Database Management Software Screenshot

Stock Gift

Stock Gift: Donation Database Reporting Screenshot

Individual Smart Screen

Individual Smart Screen: Nonprofit Database Management Software

Organization Smart Screen

Nonprofit Organization Smart Screen: Organization Database Management & Reporting Software

SmartScreens also provides six different types of trigger actions to customize for unlimited SmartScreen triggers.

You can:

  • Hide fields and sections
  • Make specific fields required
  • Set a custom order for tabs
  • Rename the field prompts
  • And more!

Watch as your screen changes in real time to reflect the fields you want to see, the tab order that helps you work faster, and the required fields that collect the information you need most.

Keep everyone on the same page using the “Make Fields Required” feature.

It’s hard to stay consistent when your staff is partially comprised of a rotating group of volunteers. With SmartScreens, you can ensure that all data entry is accurate and complete by making fields required.

For example, this trigger can be set to make the Sub-Solicitation and Thank-You Letter fields required for all gifts where the General Ledger is set to “Building Fund.”

Boost efficiency and reduce clutter with screens specific to the task at hand.

Entering a stock gift? SmartScreens will only show the fields related to stock gifts such as Share Value and Stock Index Number. With SmartScreens, there’s no need to scroll through the page in search of what’s relevant. Everything you need, and only what you need, is instantly accessible. It’s as simple as that!

The possibilities are endless!

To get you started, we’ve created a handful of sample triggers that you can implement right away.

The sample triggers appear automatically in the smart screen setup. Just go to Settings / Screen Designer and click the tab for SmartScreens, and you’ll find them all set up and ready to use!

From required fields to its flexible customization capabilities, we know you’ll love SmartScreens as much as so many of our other users do.