Foundation Increases Revenue with DonorPages & WebLink

The Brain Aneurysm Foundation uses DonorPages & WebLink to save time & increase revenues 700%

The Brain Aneurysm Foundation (BAF) is the nation’s only nonprofit solely dedicated to providing awareness, education, support and research funding to reduce the incidence of brain aneurysms.

Business Challenge and Solution

Ginny Comstock Tocci, Director of Development and Administration, sought to increase fundraising results and reduce staff administrative effort. “Much of our fundraising comes from supporter-organized events,” explains Ginny. “We tried using a generic online registration site, but the integration was horrendous! We also wanted to eliminate manual entry of paper sponsor sheets and checks. As a small office, anything that cuts down on manual data entry is very valuable to us.”



DonorPages and DonorPerfect were a perfect fit for us. Our results are leaps and bounds over where we were before DonorPages! In our first year (2008-09), in a very tough economy, DonorPages helped keep us level funded. And we had a huge increase in revenue this past year (2011), also in a tough economy. I definitely believe this would not have happened without DonorPages!”

“Since the implementation of DonorPerfect (2007) and then DonorPages, we’ve grown annual revenues from $100K to $800K (700%), and we hope to do a million this year! We definitely have figured out – our supporters are our best fundraisers!’

"For example, one woman would send in occasional checks for $10.00 or so, totalling $150.00 annually. When she set up her DonorPage she raised over $5000! That’s an additional $4850 just by giving one donor the tools she needed to become an online fundraiser!”

"Another example: a doctor who ran in an Ironman competition single-handedly raised $14,351 using his own DonorPage. And from that one person we’ve grown TeamCindy, a group of tri-athletes who raise funds for us while they participate in marathons and other sporting events. TeamCindy raised nearly $80,000 in 2011, and we have even more athletes in 2012."

And how about saving time due to integration? "The integration with DonorPerfect Online is seamless – there’s very little work on our part. We love that online donations download right into DonorPerfect! It saves a lot of time and makes our job so much easier! We went from 3,000 online gifts in 2008 to 9,000 in 2011. Fortunately, thank yous are automatically emailed for those gifts – a huge timesaver. We still have only 2 full time and 2 part time staff. We really could not process all these gifts without these tools."

“We also set up a site for people who want to fundraise on their own. For instance, they have a birthday, or wish to have a small golf or bowling outing. It’s very easy for them to get set up and start fundraising. Due to its success, we decided to brand the site as "BrainPower.”

Nonprofit Fundraising Growth -
Success Case & BrainPower

“We’re doing all we can to encourage this kind of individual fundraising. But we also use DonorPages for our own official events, as well as remotely-hosted events where we partner with local groups throughout the country. Once one group sees the success another group had with DonorPages, they want it for their own fundraising."

"Also, our events are seeing multi-year annual growth. We’ve seen older events go from $20-30k to now bringing in $60k, and we’ve added a memorial fundraising site. Using DonorPages, our supporters are becoming an army of volunteer fundraisers, each working for our mission. We’ve gotten great results, and I highly recommend DonorPages, especially to anyone using DonorPerfect.”

Nonprofit using DonorPerfect's fundraising growth platform

Key results:

  • Annual revenues increased 700% over four years!
  • Annual Online gifts increased 200% over three years!
  • Eliminating or reducing manual data entry plus automating email thank-yous greatly increased fundraising results without needing to add staff.
  • Able to cultivate an army of volunteer online fundraisers.

Business Challenge

Increase revenues while saving staff time with an affordable and easy-to-use friend-to-friend fundraising solution that integrates with their database.


DonorPages Friend to Friend Fundraising and DonorPerfect Fundraising Software

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