Nonprofit Achieves 281% Growth in 1st Event after Switch from Raiser’s Edge

AMC Cancer Fund chooses DonorPages; 281% REVENUE INCREASE in their very first event!

The AMC Cancer Fund’s mission is to raise awareness and funds for the University of Colorado Cancer Center, in support of its cancer care, education, and research programs. Part of their yearly fundraising efforts includes the Gift of Life and Breath 5k run.

Business Challenge and Solution

AMC’s staff, seeking ways to increase both their event fundraising results and supporter involvement, investigated various online donation and registration systems. Not only did they choose DonorPages for online fundraising, they decided to switch their entire database from Raiser’s Edge to DonorPerfect!

Sally Vizas, Event Coordinator for AMC, explains why. “We needed our online event fundraising to be affordable. BlackBaud’s policies regarding maintenance fees were very cost-prohibitive, and their ‘friend-to-friend’ system is also expensive. Plus DonorPages is very user-friendly, and SofterWare’s staff worked with us on a very tight deadline for launching our fundraising site. When we added everything up, it just made sense for us to scrap Raiser’s Edge and switch to BOTH DonorPages and DonorPerfect!

How did things turn out after the switch? “The DonorPages and DonorPerfect staff really delivered on everything they said! DonorPages is super-easy to use and update. They are really responsive to suggestions and feedback. Importing registrants and donations into DonorPerfect saved us a lot of time. And, they have wonderful customer service!”

First DonorPages Event Results

In 2009, their 5k raised $22,000. The 2010 goal was $60,000 – they raised $84,000! “We kicked our goal’s butt!” Sally proudly stated. “This was our first year using an online component like DonorPages. We had about the same number of people as last year, but the average donation per participant went from less than $30.00 to $60.00! The event founder was astounded by the amount of money we raised. She was just blown away! And we could not have done it without DonorPages.”

In 2009, the Gift of Life and Breath raised $22,000. Their goal for 2010 was $60,000 – they raised $84,000!
5k Fundraising Event - Success Case Study with DonorPages' online donation page for fundraising events

And how did AMC’s supporters take to DonorPages? “About 100 people who did not show up for the event still raised money online. This was huge – the ability to still fundraise, as a “virtual participant”. And many of our participants personalized their online page, talking about their support, honoring a loved one. We took some of those inspiring stories and posted them at the event.”

“Also, some supporters really took to using the blog – a great option, by the way. One woman who’d never run in a 5k before blogged about her preparations. She was so funny – I and others would check her page to read her latest posts, and we’d correspond. In that sense, DonorPages really helped us create a sense of online community and team work.”

AMC has plans for other DonorPages sites. “A family wanted a site for an event to honor their father. We were able to provide them their own DonorPages site. We’re now creating our own golf site – the Answer to Cancer. Golfers will pledge to donate based on rounds of golf played, with set amounts based on birdies, par, eagles, bogies. There’s little expense for us, since we aren’t running a hosted golf "event". And our golfers get to do good while enjoying a sport they love. Everybody wins!

Would Sally recommend DonorPages? “Absolutely! DonorPages was the right choice for us. And when I had any questions or concerns, the staff was terrific. The way they worked along with me was tremendous!”

fundraising event success case study
fundraising event idea - 5k run success case

AMC shared inspiring messages and stories told on DonorPages, displaying them on sign boards on the day of their 5k event.

AMC Nonprofit Success with donation page for fundraising events & DonorPerfect Fundraising Software

Key results:

  • Increased year-to-year event fundraising totals by 281%
  • Surpassed event goal amount by 40%
  • Doubled average per particpant donation amount, from $30 to $60
  • Increase supporter ownership of fundraising process; created strong online fundraising community

Business Challenge

Find an easy-to-use, affordable online solution that will increase event fundraising results, and that will integrate with their database.


DonorPages Social Network Fundraising and DonorPerfect Fundraising Software

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