Case Study: Children’s Organ Transplant Association

COTA transplant patients & families use DonorPages to raise over $6.7 million for medical-related costs.

The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) assists patients who require life-saving transplants. COTA has helped more than 1,500 patients and families with fundraising to meet transplant-related expenses – things not covered by insurance – from almost every state and economic situation.

Business Challenge and Solution

COTA was in search of an effective and efficient tool to be used for their nearly 1,000 individual transplant patient fundraising campaigns. As a DonorPerfect client, it made sense to look at integration with DonorPages.

COTA Fundraising Success with DonorPages

COTA provides fundraising pages to help families with transplant-related expenses.

“In addition to fundraising tools and resources, we provide guidance on campaign fundraising for each patient support group.” explains Barry Martin of COTA. “Family and friends of patients are very eager to help. But before DonorPages, it was very time consuming keeping up with calls from families for the latest fundraising results. We’d have to run a special report and reconcile that with possible checks or bank transfers that had yet been processed. We were providing a great program – we just needed a better process.”

With DonorPages, things went much more smoothly. “DonorPages is a huge tool for us. It allows our support staff and families to get a snapshot of how a patient’s campaign is doing, simply by visiting their page. Donors get immediate feedback when they donate, and family, friends, and fundraisers no longer need to contact us for updates.”

Barry believes that DonorPages is perfect for this kind of fundraising due to the personalized pages and immediate feedback. “We encourage families to show a photo of the patient on the page. Along with the prominent display of patient names, state, and needs, donors are assured their gift is going to only that patient’s expenses. They immediately see that thermometer move, and get an automatic thank-you with their receipt email.”

Key Results

Besides significant time-saving for COTA staff, DonorPages has been enthusiastically adopted by constituents. “People see other successful DonorPages fundraisers and they can’t wait to get started,” says Barry. “We discuss their anticipated needs and set a goal. Donations often start coming in very quickly, sometimes within minutes!”

In addition to patient fundraising, COTA created a Miracle Makers DonorPages site, used for unrestricted fundraising. Barry explains, “Miracle Makers are constituents, or local American Legion or Kiwanis chapters, who raise funds for COTA. One example is Hayden’s Hope. His parents asked for an ongoing tribute to honor their son. This was very easy with DonorPages. Over $6,000 was raised the first day!”

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“DonorPages has really expanded our donations worldwide.” notes Barry. “It’s so much easier for people to click the donate button and use their credit card.”

“We used to think only about local family campaigns. With DonorPages, we think about national or international campaigns. That’s a really neat thing about DonorPages – it allows for a much broader reach.”

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COTA also uses DonorPages for events, as well as for general donations from their website. Barry’s been very pleased with the time-savings and increased donations. “DonorPages took care of a whole blanket of issues for us. And our families have really embraced it. Often times $10,000 is raised before we’ve even worked with them. I’ve watched it go from a $1,000 a day average to over $3,000. We’ve raised over $6.7 million in online donations, and we couldn’t live without DonorPages now. It’s been a great tool and I’d absolutely recommend it to other nonprofits.”

Nonprofit Achieves Success with DonorPerfect Fundraising Software: Case Study

Key results:

  • Raised over $6.7 million in online donations
  • Saved staff time by providing way for families to self-monitor fundraising results
  • Extended reach to more easily allow international donations
  • Tripled daily fundraising results

Business Challenge

Find a peer-to-peer fundraising solution that’s easy to use for constituent families. Save time by allowing families to monitor results on their own, and also integrate donation data with DonorPerfect.


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