Freedom House Ministries Switches to DonorPerfect from eTapestry; Achieves Fundraising Success

Nonprofit Saves Hours Each Week by Moving to DonorPerfect for Easy-To-Use Software and Top-Notch Customer Service

Freedom House Ministries serves families in need of emergency housing in Brown County Wisconsin (in Green Bay). Their program has a step-by-step action plan for each family to help with permanent housing, employment, and restoring the family unit. They have over 6,000 donor records in their database.

Business Challenge

Home grown database became outdated & inadequate. Plus, the monthly giving program was becoming harder and more expensive to manage each month.

eTapestry was difficult to use and had poor customer support. More time was spent learning the software than was saved by automating processes.

Melissa Hyska is the Development Coordinator at Freedom House Ministries and has been with the organization for four years. When she first started, Melissa had no background with donor management systems. The system in place was eTapestry, and Melissa needed to learn it quickly. However, the difficult layout and poor customer support made this hard to do. She explains, “I will never forget. I called eTapestry support on my first day and they said ‘We can give you some information on how to use the system and a quick 15 minute overview, but for anything after that we’ll have to charge you by the minute for training.’ The customer service was awful. After each question, they became more and more agitated. They continuously threatened to bill us by the minute on every call.”

After a few months, Melissa stopped calling support, but things hadn’t gotten better. “They were charging us for everything. Anything we wanted to do in the system required an upcharge, and if you weren’t an expert with the system, it was very hard to use. We were never quite sure what we were being charged for, and when we asked to see it laid out, they took us through a bunch of paperwork that never answered our question. I’d say I spent a full day each week researching online trying to figure out how to use eTapestry. That’s when we started looking for other management systems.”


DonorPerfect with WebLink online donation forms and best-in-class customer service, responsiveness, and communication.

Melissa took to the web in search of a new donor management system. “We constantly saw DonorPerfect at the top of each list we reviewed. We narrowed it down to a few options, but once I spoke to the account manager for DonorPerfect, I was set. The customer service I received before I was even a client was so refreshing. I felt like I could ask her anything. She didn’t try to sell me, she just explained and answered the questions I had, and I was sold.” Melissa and Freedom House Ministries switched to DonorPerfect and WebLink online donation forms.

Key Results

Prior to DonorPerfect and WebLink, Melissa used PayPal to collect online donations. “Before DonorPerfect and WebLink, we’d spend about 12 hours a week coordinating the donations that came in from PayPal with QuickBooks and eTapestry, and tracking down missing money. Now our donation pages are linked right to our donor management system, so what used to take up 12 hours a week is now done in about 15 minutes every two weeks. Eliminating duplicate data entry also helps keep our data so clean! Everything else is so much easier too. Reporting is intuitive, generating thank-you letters is a breeze, and #GivingTuesday was a huge success for us because of the free #GivingTuesday donation form templates.”

Overall, it is the responsiveness and transparency that Melissa has with DonorPerfect. “The communication and customer service that I receive is something I don’t get anywhere else; it’s second to none. Keep doing what you’re doing. As word continues to get out and people try DonorPerfect, they’re going to be happy!”

Nonprofit using DonorPerfect's fundraising growth platform: switch from eTapestry - success case study

Key results:

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